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Lamella vacuum-compatible x-ray lens transfocator

          The main feature of this solution is a positioning of standard x-ray optical elements (12 mm in diameter and up to 3 mm thick) with high precision (better than 5 μm) in the x-ray beam.

          The device is intended for instrumental focusing and control of the parameters the x-ray flux in the synchrotron radiation channels, laboratory analytical and measuring systems of non-destructive measurements of complex structures and objects.

          The most interesting feature of the system is the ability of x-ray lens individual insertion in arbitrary order (e.g. 1, 5 and 64 or 1,2,3,4 lens might be inserted, the order is user-defined)

           Also, a clear advantage is the compact size of the device and the high accuracy of lenses positioning.

render 2.jpg
render 5.jpg
render 3.jpg

Key parameters for 64-lenses device:

  1. Compactness (dimensions up to 420 x 350 x 350 mm (LxWxH))

  2. Light weight (with vacuum chamber - less than 40 kg)

  3. Vacuum compatible version - HV, UHV (on request)

  4. High repeatability of lens positioning in the beam (+/- 2.5 μm)

  5. Ability to individually inserting one lens per cycle into the x-ray beam in the given order

  6. Possibility of a step change in the focal length of the optical system

  7. Minimal working distance (from first lens to sample - less than 50 mm).

  8. System for any number of x-ray optics elements (from 10 pcs.)

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