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About company

Welcome to the website of the young engineering company Nanomaterials and Devices LLC (NNMD), which focuses on the development of systems and the implementation of new technological solutions applicable in production and research. The company has significant experience and competence in instrumentation, development, and modernization of various industrial vacuum systems and non-standard vacuum equipment and portable deposition setup.



Skolkovo resident since 2014.

Main skills and competencies
  • research and development of thin-film structures and systems by pulsed laser deposition (PLD), magnetron sputtering (MS),  ion beam sputtering (IBS), atomic layer deposition (ALD) for a wide range of applications;

  • development of instruments and machines for such nanostructures and devices growth and characterization in laboratories

Key advantages 
  • fast development of custom scientific and industrial machines and setups;

  • access to research facilities of leading institutions in Russia and EU, including synchrotron and neutron sources;

  • own laboratory for thin-film nanostructures growth and characterization;

  • own production facilities;

  • full access to CNС (erosion, milling, and turning machines).

Field of nanomaterials applications
  • spin batteries;

  • supercapacitors;

  • photovoltaic;

  • nanoelectronics and spintronics;

  • catalyst, etc.

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